Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 35: A pelican and a beaver walk into a bar...

Day 35 miles to/from work: 26.8
Total miles for S4S: 931.7

A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache.
                                                                                                                       -Catherine the Great

As Silver Beauty and I departed this morning, we enjoyed  all the benefits of: 43 degrees. Windchill 35 degrees. Winds 17 mph gusting to 35. In yesterday's post, I described the weather as not user friendly, further embellished with such adjectives as "gray, windy, bone-chilling". Today's forecast  made me long to picnic in those idyllic conditions. I not so much rode as wrestled my way into that antagonistic, ice-bitch of a wind, yet with enormous gratitude that the earlier forecast of rain was not part of this scenario.

Even with the benefit of wearing stretchy "Magic gloves" yesterday, my fingers were numb, red Popsicles by the time I got to work. Today my Castelli neoprene gloves saw active duty. My hands still got cold, but not as cold, and not as early in the ride. But enough about the elements and the gear for staving off the elements. Check out what's new at Dane County Humane Society (DCHS).

Yesterday I received an update on the DCHS Four Lakes Wildlife Center (FLWC). If DCHS were "just" about saving dogs and cats, I would still consider it great work. They are indeed doing that, but their scope includes so much more. Two previous S4S posts detailed how DCHS is helping victims of domestic abuse through their SAAV program and facilitating transformation in both prison inmates and the dogs they train through the Second Chances program. As if that were not quite enough, they also rehabilitate injured wildlife through FLWC.

"A juvenile pelican was abandoned by her flock in northern Wisconsin. [Who knew we even had pelicans in Wisconsin? lz] She has an eye injury and will need to be monitored by FLWC for at least a month while her future placement is arranged. DCHS is hopeful to find transport to a warmer climate or to another wildlife rehabilitation center that is better equipped to care for her over the harsh winter months. The pelican eats approximately three pounds of fish daily, costing DCHS $50 a day." [Dear Lord, we could all eat at Lilliana's complete with wine for a week's worth of pelican fare.]

"An adult beaver was found by the Yahara River with a laceration on his side. Exceptional Care for Animals was able to repair the wound, and FLWC is now monitoring his recovery. Once stable, the beaver will need to be transferred to a facility [for further recovery]."

These are more examples that whatever comes through the doors of DCHS is taken in and cared for. Let me say yet again, thank you for being instrumental in the success of DCHS with your pledge to S4S. You can see all the good that you are doing in so many ways with your support.

The ride home had some sun and more blue skies than gray to accompany the tailwind—nice companions to have on a bike ride. When I got home, my lifetime companion was back from his business trip,making it a truly happy Thursday!

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  1. Jan Viney asked me to post the following for her:

    I wanted to give all of Liz's followers an update on the pelican/beaver appeal. Within hours of sending the appeal, we had received over $3,000. What a wonderful and compassionate state we live in. I am humbled by people's giving, especially in these tough financial times. PS - I'm a proud member of the Z-team fan club. Jan Viney - development director at DCHS